Want to know what's going on in the world of technology? Looking out for the upcoming events and gadget releases? Need help with a computer problem? For all that, and more, tune in to TechnoCraft and find out with Ali Zahid and Mizbah Aziz!


Study Room

One hour guided tour of the study room from ZABFM 106.6. The show is dedicated to literature. It's all about books and authors, we pay tribute to some of the best writers that we have seen over the years. Present amazing and in-depth book reviews for the learning of our listeners. ZABFM's oldest and longest running show.


Deep Focus

Deep Focus will be featuring the reviews and analysis of cinema industry and the movies produced in it, specifically it would cover the history of cinema, the specifications of a movie like direction, production, camera, lightning, graphical effects, editing, script content, music, choreography, makeup, market demand, market response, and even the comparative analysis of various movies in different aspects.

Global Experience

Through the platform of ZABFM 106.6, we believe as an educational channel that it's our duty to alter hearts and minds, bring positive attention to the image of Pakistan as a progressive democratic nation of a 170 million thriving individuals. Every week foreign interns / students who are living / working / visiting are invited to share their candid experience of Pakistan. Foreign youth visiting / working / or studying as an exchange student. We wish to contact foreign missions and expats within the next phase of the show to come over and share their thoughts about life in Pakistan.


The Ambassador

The Ambassador is dedicated for our alumni to share their academic & professional achievements with the extended masses/target audience. Not only this, but this show prospects to entail the Alumni (Introduction, Life Sketch, Academic Qualifications, Professional Experience & Achievements, Future Plans, Life at SZABIST, Tips for struggling students, and Recommendations/Suggestions in their relative field).


Campus Corner

A show dedicated to the students and societies of SZABIST. Campus Corner will cover all the events and activities organized by the societies and students of SZABIST. The show is aimed to highlight the talent of SZABIST students.

Career Counseling

This show is focused on self-evolution about knowing your strengths, your dreams and your option, the better choices you can make as you start into the job- finding process. The counselor we had for this show was Mr. Amin Salim from Career Giant.



As the name suggests, the show is a formal interaction between the commercial world and the students of SZABIST. We invite people from different walks of life to share their experience and learning's with the students to give them a positive boast.



If you have an achievement on your account or you have done something marvelous? Then this is the show for you. Achievements on ZABFM 106.6 will have guests from faculty and students alike sharing their achievements.