Ali Zahid

DOB: 23rd Feb
Horoscope: Pisces
Ali is a student of BS Computing and the CEO of a web development studio, Deisgnplox. He is a developer by profession and a technology know-it-all. A solution provider at his core, Ali believes if it can be solved, he can solve it. He has a keen interest in listening to music especially classic rock, hard rock, glam metal and heavy metal and also loves playing video games, his favorite being: The elder scrolls, Battlefield and Warcraft. Other than this he enjoys watching movies, some of his favorites are: The curios case of Benjamin Button, Gladiator and X-Men: First Class. The people that inspire Ali are Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Jimmy Page.


Ahsan Siddiqui

DOB: 21st Sept
Nickname: Sid
Horoscope: Virgo
Ahsan is like any other next door guy, doing his BBA (Hons.) in Marketing/Finane and working as an RJ at ZAB FM 106.6. Cricket and table tennis are what he enjoys the most along with acting, working out, gaming and hanging out with friends and family. He enjoys all kinds of music and in the movie section his favorite is: The dark knight. Ahsan draws inspiration from a number of people starting with his grandfather Afzal Siddiqui, Quaid-e-Azam, Imran Khan, Al Pachino, Salman Khan and Brad Pitt. The quotation that he likes the most is:
I’m an idealist. I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way.

Mehak Ameer

DOB: 4th May
Horoscope: Taurus
A student of LLB (Second year) and internee at the citizens foundation and law firm: Mumtaz and associates; Mehak is a compassionate individual and sincere worker. She loves to write and enjoys doing social work; along with listening to pop music and playing sports such as foosball, table tennis, snooker and tennis. The inspiring figures in her life are Benazir Bhutto, Abira Ashfaq and Lady Diana. Mehak’s favorite quote is:
Everything comes too late for those who only wait.


Misbah Aziz

DOB: 20th Nov
Nickname: Mizz
Horoscope: Scorpio
Misbah is currently doing her 3rd year of BS in Computing and works as an RJ at ZAB FM 106.6. She is generally a free-spirited individual and can be quite random at times. She enjoys playing cards, playing sports, travelling, dancing and trying out new cuisines. Her favorite movies are the SAW series and she enjoys listening to mainstream rock, Bollywood and dance music. When it comes to work, Misbah is very determined and focused, drawing inspiration from Donald Trump. Her favorite quotation is:
Just go with the flow.

Michael Fernandes

DOB: 17th Oct
Nickname: Miky
Horoscope: Libra
Michael is doing his second year of Bachelors in Computing from SZABIST; he is also a content writer and RJ at ZABFM 106.6. He is very confident and when he aims to do something, nothing in the world can stop him. He is the ultimate sports fan; football and cricket being his favorite. His enjoys all genres of rock music and also RnB. Michael is quite lazy and spends most of his free time sleeping but also enjoys playing cricket. He is inspired by Roberto Mancini and his favorite quotation is:
If you believe, you will achieve.


Mujeeb ur Rehman

DOB: 14th Dec
Nickname: Moji
Horoscope: Sagitarrius
Mujeeb is an adaptable, caring and friendly person; he is always up to fun and loves the people around him. He has done his BS and is currently working as a Banker. He enjoys music by Kenny G, Enigma and Yanni, while his favorite movie is Fast 5. The Holy Quran is the book he loves to read and he is very interested in swimming and painting. The most inspirational person in his life is Nick Vujicic and his favorite quotation is:
Genius and successful people do not relax in chairs, they relax at work. They sleep with dreams and awake with determination and commitment.